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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version

The Symphony package is now available on NuGet. NuGet can be accessed directly through Visual Studio to install the required assemblies directly into your Visual Studio projects. Search Nuget for “Symphony Framework”. There is no longer a requirement to install the Symphony Framework unless you require access to the Examples Explorer program, the sample projects and the motorcycle database files.

With a number of elements have been removed from the Symphony Framework installer. These include;

  • Symphony Orchestrator is no longer shipped with the Symphony Framework installer. To be able to use the Symphony Orchestrator you must now install CodeGen. CodeGen can be found at

  • The standard Symphony Framework code generation template files are no longer shipped in the installer, they are now part of the CodeGen installer. You must install the latest version of CodeGen to access the correct Symphony Framework template files.

  • The Symphony Framework CodeGen Extensions are no longer shipped in the installer. They have been added to the default CodeGen installation.

  • The installer no longer sets the SYMPHONYTPL environment variable. This is now set by the CodeGen installer.

If you do not require the Examples Explorer and sample projects it is recommended that you uninstall the Symphony Framework from your machine and update your Visual Studio projects by removing the references to the Symphony Framework assemblies and reference the Symphony Framework NuGet package. Then install the latest CodeGen which will give you access to the latest template files and the Symphony Orchestrator.

Additional information for version of the Symphony Framework;

  • Added the ability in the FileIO class to open and manage data in sequential and relative files.

  • Fixed an issue in the FileIO class where an unlock operation could occur on the wrong thread.