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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version

Change set: 41580

Added a new FileIO Enumeration: RecordDataNotSame. This will be returned if the UpdateRecordUsingGRFA() method is called and the data in the file has changed since the original read was performed.

Added Retry and Cancel enumeration values to the standard Symphony.Conductor.DialogControlViewModel. This allows you to define a standard Retry/Cancel message box.

Made corrections to the core parser within Symphony Harmony to better parse where clauses and perform insert/update commands.

The Symphony Harmony DataUpdate capabilities can now update individual fields within matching records. This prevents existing data in the file from being changed when not included in the update field list.

The symphony Harmony DataInsert now accepts a field list so that only those fields selected have data assigned to them. All other fields will be left blank/null.

Symphony.UIToolkit: Corrected the definition of the CommandGroup and its use within the MenuController to allow correct definitions of menu groups. Menu groups represent the entries defined within a menu column. Menu groups can be enabled/disabled with a single call.