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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version

Change set: 41654

Added a new Data Object class to Symphony.Harmony.Model called ServerResponse_Data. This class allows you to define a generic return type from Symphony Harmony/Symphony Bridge.

Change set: 41655/41656

Upgraded to Azure Service Bus Relay version 4.0.0.

Added a new HTTP Web API 2 host to the console and service projects. The new service allows a REST connection to execute Symphony Harmony commands through Symphony Bridge.

Improve logging of the console and server processes to allow monitoring of created/closed AppDomains. Logging is no longer written to the event log.

Fixed an issue with thread dead-locks when creating AppDomains when SRUN licenses were exhausted.

Added SYMPHONY_BRIDGE_THROW_LICENSE_EXCEPTION setting to the app.config for both the console and service Bridge servers. Values for this setting are True or False and control what happens if a connection is attempted and there are insufficient SRUN licenses available. Then set to False the server will pause for 10 seconds and continue normal execution of the request. If set to True then the server will return a Licenses Exceeded exception to the client.

Added a new library (BridgeServerRouting) that will enable default and bespoke Web API REST routes to be defined.

Added required DLL files to the Symphony Bridge installer.

Change set: 41657

Corrected issues in Symphony Harmony when performing inserts and updated.