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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version

Change set: 41622

Change alpha comparison to .eqs. when performing and EqualTo operations through Symphony Harmony.

Change set: 41623

The Symphony Framework NuGet package now builds against the correctly targeted Synergy runtime.

Added include files so that we can identify which “Target Runtime” the Framework is built against.

Symphony Bridge:

Additional logging to record Domain management (creation) tasks. This will help to identify if domain creation is taking a long time – usually because SRUN licenses have been exhausted.

Ensure that Synergy thread protection (s_server_thread_init()/s_server_thread_shutdown()) are called correctly.

Added garbage collection after releasing a domain.

Correctly trace/record any server exceptions and return them to the client.

Add additional logging into the Bridge Service process and ensure the correct listeners are created.

Symphony Conductor:

Added the ability to return the “Target Runtime” which the Symphony Framework in use was built against. This is exposed through a new property Symphony.Conductor.Initializer.SynergyBuildVersion.