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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version (Change set 34584)

The Symphony Framework is built under .NET Framework 4.0 and Synergy version 10.1.1c

The Symphony_Data.tpl, Symphony_DataDefineRPS.tpl and Symphony_DataNoExcel.tpl template files have been changed to set the value of the OriginalSynergyRecord to the first setting of the SynergyRecord value. You can now use the REstoreOriginalData() method to restore the SynergyRecord value to the stored OriginalSynergyRecord value.

The DataObjectBase class has a new RestoreOriginalData() method to restore the SynergyRecord value to the stored value. The base DataObject now exposed all data errors as a property called AllErrors. This property exposes a @List<> of DataObjectErrorInfo types.

The DataObjectValidation class has been corrected to validate the value of integer fields correctly.

The FileIO class has additional error logging.

A new method has been added to the Symphony.Core.DebugView class called WriteToEventLog(). This method allows you to write an array of strings to the event log.