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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version

Within the Symphony_Data.tpl template file the casing of the repository include has been modified to correctly reflect the accessibility of the data.

The Symphony_ListView.tpl template has been corrected to use the index value for numeric collections.

The Symphony_Style.tpl template has been modified with regards to the use of TAG fields. If you have a repository structure that has more than one TAG field, and the operator is not == then the code generation will fail. We are working to resolve this issue. Until it is resolved you will have to manually alter the generated file.

The following templates now utilizes the SYMPHONY_ARRAY_FIELD token to exclude array fields flagged with the SYMPHONY_ARRAY_FIELD token from the resulting code.
-- Symphony_CriteriaView.tpl
-- Symphony_CriteriaView_WithGrid.tpl
-- Symphony_DataView.tpl
-- Symphony_DataView_WithGrid.tpl
-- Symphony_ListView.tpl
-- Symphopny_Style.dbt

Added a new ObservableSelectionItemList class to the Symphony.Conductor.Content namespace. This class should be used when defining dynamic collections that are bound to combo box type controls. You can dynamically change the collection contents and the data bound combo box control will be correctly updated.

The SynergyDecimalConverter has been correct to catch null values.

The SynergyDecimalDateConverter now returns ^null and not an String.Empty value.

Minor documentation changes.