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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version

This release is compatible with the production release of Synergy v10.1.1.

The Symphony_Data template has been modified to correctly define the Synergy field name of a property uppercased. It also now correctly does not set the value of a date field to the current date if the “date today” property of the field is not set.

The SynergyImpiledDecimalConverter class has been modified to prevent the inclusion of decimal digits if the value does not contain any. This prevents the inability to allow the user to enter the actual decimal point.

The standard Style shipped with Symphony Framework has been modified to NOT display a red “!” as part of the “validationTemplate” ControlTemplate. When you have a control as part of a “view”, and the “view” is hidden the actual control passed to the control template does not get a value of “hidden”, this prevents us from hiding the error indicator. To prevent this, the error template now displays no indication of the field being in error. The style associated with each repository field now renders the background of the input control with a shaded red colour which is controlled by the HasError property.

A fix was applied to the code generation extensions library to prevent a problem when specifying the SYMPHONY_DECIMLA_FORMAT value in the repository against a field.