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Symphony Framework Release Notes

Symphony Framework Version

General note: If you install Symphony Framework you *must* also install CodeGen 4.1.10 because a number of templates now utilise new features added to the tool.

Added the user token PROJECTNAMESPACE to the “Symphony_Content.tpl” template to ensure that we can correctly reference the collection classes of the selection lists. Also added the ability to create object references to fields defined as having selection windows assigned. This enhancement was enabled because of a new capability within CodeGen 4.1.10.

Added a new template that builds a “SelectionItemList” collection based on the contents of a data file. The template allows for the definition of the key-value paring.

Added a new template called “Symphony_DataDefineRPS.tpl” that is identical to the base “Symphony_Data.tpl” template. The new template allows you to specify alternate/non-default repository files. The user token RPSDATAFILES should be set to the required file specifications for the main and text file.

New capabilities within CodeGen 4.1.10 have enabled the processing of selection windows. The “Synphony_Style.tpl” template file has been enhanced to style fields with selection windows assigned as ComboBox controls.